The nurse calling system has made such a huge difference to the healthcare industry

The nurse calling system has made such a huge difference to the healthcare industry, it is hard to imagine a time in which they weren’t in use. It is a common sight at hospitals and are becoming increasingly popular in other avenues as well, from nursing to residential home use. The system is a 2 way device. Each patient or charge is given their very own call button. These can be placed next to the bed, attached to a lanyard or even mounted onto the wall. Patients can now request for help, without disturbing the entire ward of patients. When patients or charges need help, they would press the button on the device. This will then send a signal to the receiver device. The receiver device on the nurse calling system is given to nursing staff or the caregiver. It can be in the form of a display monitor or a wrist watch. The display monitor works best for patients in a ward, where nurses are always around. The watch is best used for home use or day care centres.

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It allows for mobility of nursing staff to be able to get a message of help from anywhere in the vicinity and rush directly there. A nurse calling system also gives the option of overseers being able to monitor how fast it is that nurses are responding to patient’s calls. The nurse calling system not only makes communication easier but has direct positive correlation on both sides of the equation. For nursing staff, this means being able to spend more time on their other duties and only place focus away from this when they are called for help through the nurse calling system. Simplicity is key, when looking for a nurse calling system. In an emergency, the button should be pressed without having to navigate through a whole lot of other nonsense.

A nurse calling system need not be a complicated affair to be able to use. They are designed for ease of use and furthermore, the upkeep should be a breeze. Installing a nurse calling system is done within a day. With a wireless nurse calling system, all it takes is for the technician to configure the settings and you will be done. The system should be serviced every so often just to make sure that everything is in good working condition. Seeing as lives are stake, this should not be an avenue that is disregarded. In a hospital setting where the call button is pushed dozens of times a day, it will last for around 2 years. In a normal home setting, this should be even longer. The other benefit of the wireless nurse calling system would be that it will be easier to add on devices later on. Say for instance, the facility is being upgraded or extended then there will be no need to have to take down the entire nurse calling system which is in place and put in a complete new one. With wireless technology, new or upgraded devices just need to be reconfigured to the system.