10 Things I learned while building my first blog

While creating my first blog, I came across so many points which I must suggest to all new bloggers. Creating a blog is not just about writing, perhaps there are far more things behind blogging. During my first days I was quite away from social networking. I never even thought of socializing my blog. But with time I have equipped some experience which can help you in building your first blog.


1.        Socializing:

As I said, in the beginning while creating a blog I never even thought of sharing my blog on Facebook and other social media sites. I used to write one and hardly speak of it. With time I realized your blog is not complete only by submitting it. You have to share it as much as you can. List all the social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all that you can think of, and just go on sharing. Remember, your blog needs to reach people.

2.       Maintain your Blog:

Maintain a blogging consistency. It’s something that can hold you on to your audience. It’s an important part of every blogger’s life.

3.       Choosing your topic:

The topic of your blog is an important decision. Your topic gives you the type and number of audience you target. Some topics are for general some attracts a particular group. So think before you start creating a blog.

4.       Honest Content:

Yes! Your blog content must be original and yours only. You must also take out enough time to edit and maintain your blog. Make a schedule for the same.

5.       Graphical Display:

Visual appearance of a blog matters a lot. In the beginning I never gave it much thought but with time I observed the fact that my readers always loved visuals and such blogs were more visited than ones without them.

6.       SEO is an important part:

A little business is important and it is not that tough. You can easily optimize your images in your blog. Use keywords to optimize your blog. Your content should be virgin and that is something that attracts Google.

7.       Build a Community:

A community means you already have a group. Once you can build a suitable community it is always a huge support.

8.       Put up a link that pays:

Some links pay. Yes, try getting some such links that pays you commission. Adding that link will make you audience click on the link, and you get a commission for each click.

9.        Interact with your audience:

When your audience wants to interact with you welcome their queries and be a sport to reply them prompt. This makes your blog popular and helps you hold on to your audience as well.

10.      Learn Google Analytics:

If you want yourself to be a true blogger this is the step that you must go through. Creating a blog also requires a little study. Study the Google analytics well. It can give you your own idea of how responsive a particular site is, where you will find most of your audience and much more.


These are some of the basic points I bring to you from my experience of blogging. Hope you gather yours soon.