Top technology trends that have an impact on the future of computing

Computing technology is changing very fast. The years 2016 has seen the growth of disruptive technologies that will continue into the future. Here are a few trending technologies that have an impact on the future of computing.


The internet of things

The internet of things connects devices over a network in such a way that they are able to communicate without human intervention. It is believed that by the year 2020, there will be around 50 billion devices that will be connected on IOT. This will help in the fast delivery of services and data mining across the board.

Big data and data science

The big data and other data analytics technologies give organizations the tools to bridge the information gap between the customer trends and information in the hands of the organizations. Companies can now make decisions depending on customer demographics, customer preferences, and caller trends to the reception.

Artificial intelligence and Augment reality  

Artificial technologies are making it easier for companies to solve customer problems without having a human on site to do the work. Moreover, AI helps the in natural language processing and machine learning.

Augmented reality is a meeting point between a digital and physical world with computer-generated sensory such as graphics, video, and sound. Soon there might be smell-augmented reality.  Augmented reality has revolutionized marketing and gaming. AI has also led to faster development of robotics. Robotics has an implication on the warfare, government, and industrial development.

Super computing and quantum technologies

The era of slow computers is coming to and. There are several paper-thin next generation computing products in the pipeline. The world is also moving to quantum computing by the use wearable technologies and cloud computing. In the next few years, the power of computing will double and triple in a short time. Soon we will have quantum computing offering computing speeds that are 100 times faster than the conventional computer systems.


Cyber-crime now costs the world economy more than $445 billion in a year. Many companies have also gone down due to cyber security breaches. You also may have sought laptop repairs for viruses that caused your machine to break down. Cyber security will become one of the biggest worries in the computing world as we move into the communications age.

Cyber security research has also led to new computing opportunities and interests from industries across the board. This is because companies have to stay ahead of cyber criminals at all times.