Ways for SMEs to Take Advantage of Social Media

With increasingly empowered consumers driving the global economy nowadays, the need for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enhance business growth, form tighter customer bonds, and stand out from the pack has become more challenging than ever.

Fortunately, social media has come to its rescue.

Given they use the right social media strategy, SMEs can use social media to its advantage and reap all the benefits it has to offer.

For businesses still trying to find their way around social media marketing, the following social media strategy should get your campaigns off to a superb start:

Use social media to create a community.

Primarily, social media gives businesses a venue where they can connect with customers interested in the products and services they are offering.

Having access to their target audience and the right social media platform can provide SMEs with the perfect avenue where they can effectively engage with their core customers and create communities at the same time.

SMEs can also make use of social media tools to enhance instructor-led trainings through diverse content and collaborative communities to further enrich employee learning and development.

Use social media to significantly expand your reach.

Prominent social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Facebook can reach and cater to worldwide audiences.

SMEs can now easily expand their reach, gain more exposure, and effortlessly connect with people the world over through the aforementioned social media platforms.

This is especially beneficial for SMEs that are looking to expand past their immediate locations.


Use social media to gauge customer sentiment.

To say there’s more to social media analytics than just numbers is an understatement.

Analytics can provide data that can help dramatically improve customer engagement and streamline social media efforts with the bottom line.

SMEs can also make use of analytics to monitor customer insights in terms of products, services, and other offerings.

Data gathered from analytics can help SMEs come up with targeted offers, enhance customer segmentation, and significantly increase both cross sell and upsell opportunities.

Use social media to boost website traffic.

The increasing popularity and clout of social media has become undeniable at this time and age.

In fact, search engine giant Google has included social signals in their search engine optimization algorithms.

SMEs can link their websites to their social media profiles and watch as increase in quality traffic soars.

Use social media to maximize marketing and advertising ROI.

Social media allows SMEs to promote whatever products and services they are offering in a more intimate way.

For instance, the ability to upload videos or images (brand events, product demos, etc.) can help promote better customer connection and engagement.

Use social media to identify opportunities and manage brand reputation.

Studies indicate that the purchasing decisions of most consumers are mostly and often based on the commentary, reviews, and recommendations of people inside their circles.

Through online reputation management tools, SMEs can now easily track any mentions of their products and services (and brand).

This will make it possible for them to promptly engage in any active conversations that concerns them.

Prompt engagement can also help SMEs discover any shortcomings, resolve any complaints or negative commentaries, and convert prospects into potential customers.

Use social media to enhance productivity.

A McKinsey & Company report indicated that the average employee spends approximately 28 percent of the work week managing e-mails. The report also indicated that at least 20 percent of the time is spent tracking down co-workers who can assist with specific tasks or tracking down internal information.

Fortunately, with social media tools, employees can easily connect with company experts, making sharing of ideas, collaboration, and moving projects within the company relatively faster.