How to make the most out of Google Keep

At the time of its introduction, Google Keep surprised everyone with its simplicity and a small number of functions. However, the developers have not been twiddling their thumbs and eventually they equipped this note app with an enormous set of features most users did not even dream of. Doyouknowthemall? Let’s check it but before we do so, we would like to remind that if you are looking for upgrade of your current smartphone, check out the iPhone 5 price or Galaxy S6 price online.

The ability to assign various colors to notes may seem like a small thing. However, in experienced hands, this feature can become a powerful tool for increasing productivity.

Simply mark your notes with different colors according to their topics, and you will be able to find the right one at a glance. For example, you can mark your work notes green, personal ones – yellow, and those with a tough deadline red. After that, you can apply filtering by color, and you will be looking only at the notes that you need right now.


Add time and territorial reminders

Why do we make notes? Of course, we do it in order not to forget about some important information or event. But what if we just forget about the notes we made?

In this case, you could use the reminder function linked to the time of day or your location. It will remind you say to water the plants in exactly two days, and will offer to glimpse into the shopping list at a time when you are in the store.

Organize your entries with labels

Most note apps allow to tag your notes. Google Keep is no exception, but here this element is called labels. You can add labels directly in the process of writing notes. Simply enter the hash sign (#), and you will see a list of your existing labels. Choose the one that you need from the list or continue typing, and then the next word will become a new label for this note.

Dictate notes on the go

If you are not very comfortable typing with the help of the keyboard, Google Keep allows you to simply dictate a note. The way the voice input works is beyond praise, so the accuracy is almost always excellent. This is the fastest way to make notes, which is great for recording your thoughts and experiences on the go.

Add scanned texts

Sometimes we need to add text to our notes that already exists in some form in the real world. It could be a page from a book, a list of specs of some smartphone with the smartphone price itself or a funny slogan on the street. In Google Keep, you can add your images; however, the app can also recognize the text written on them. Just tap on a picture, and then select “Recognize Text”.
Share your notes with colleagues and family

Google Keep does not have too many tools for collaborating, but it has the most necessary ones, which means that you can share your notes with people, and they will be able to view and edit their content.