The Importance of Remote Monitoring for Video Surveillance

Surveillance is one of the key priorities in today’s itinerary when businesses or companies are planning expansion of current facilities and are putting their security system into place. Proper surveillance is needed to ensure key access points within the grounds are covered by a powerful camera system which can be accessed remotely, and which records its content in high definition resolution. CCTV systems are also needed to ensure that employees are remaining honest and true to their job, and to observe for any performance flaws. One quick and easy way to accomplish this is to utilize video surveillance software – which is basically the back-end to a complex system of closed circuit cameras. Now, in a standard security system setup, the recordings and other information would be stored in a local server database – one which is not accessible from outside of the local intranet. However, by utilizing video surveillance software, the opportunities become endless as the server is placed outside of the intranet and accessible remotely for monitoring. This becomes especially useful for heads of companies or businesses that need to have a view on the facilities at a moment’s notice, and since they are travelling often do not have access to local server feeds. By simply logging into their server’s access database by using any internet-ready device, they can monitor the camera systems real-time and provide feedback.


Sometimes a portion of the facility may have a larger-than-normal amount of traffic (people walking to and fro), and remote monitoring is an excellent way to keep track who is entering which areas and when. Once the recordings are completed after a 24-hour session, they are saved and uploaded to an online repository which can be accessed by an admin or authorized staff member by simply logging in. UtilizingIP video surveillance is becoming commonplace for most well-known and successful companies such as Apple’s headquarters in California, General Motors in Michigan, and Nike in Oregon.  The software development companies that provide these types of video surveillance software usually include 24/7 technical support over the phone, technician repair service, and remote control assistance. Remote monitoring is becoming a better option in most convenience stores and supermarkets as well, since additional manpower for spotters and undercover security is not needed. It also decreases the risk of harm in the case of a break-in, hold-up, or the like. It will only take minutes to identify the perpetrator after reviewing the security camera footage, and once that’s accomplished, the police can easily create roadblocks and blockades to stop any criminals whom are fleeing from the crime scene.

Video surveillance software is prevalent and very useful by today’s standards, and if you are planning on installing a security system for your home, stores, or company facilities, take a look online for an option that will suit your setup. Software such as this will allow you to increase productivity, while lowering overall costs. Take advantage of the power of technology today!